CRC National Conference

Ps Mike Cronin & Phil Blampied went to the Philippines National CRC Conference in April. This was held at Tanchuling Beach Resort in Bicol with incredible views of Mayon Volcanic Mountain. Phil ministered with the Youth and Ps Mike ministered to the pastors and leaders. Ps Andrew Cox from Colac joined them as part of the Aussie contingent. They were enthusiastically received. They also ministered in different local churches at the weekends. SECC has contributed greatly to the development of leaders of the years and this year is no exception.

Feeding Program

The Feeding programs give a healthy balanced meal to malnourished children in the Philippines where there is lack of food and clean water due to extreme poverty. The money given will enable local CRC Churches International Philippines in different localities throughout Philippines to not only help the children's physical nourishment but also help them spiritually.

The Feeding program is a good vehicle to show Christs love and opens opportunities for the Gospel to be shared to children along with their parents, as well as teachers in schools if food is distributed there.


Thank you for your support
— Ps Melvin, Palawan
Our leaders there extend their appreciation and thanks t you for your help and prayers to them
— Ps Marlon Sala, Zamboanga
The school only have day care and primary 1 and 2 ... the teacher and parents were very grateful with the feeding program we have in their school ... as of now we feed all the day care students but few months from now will include the malnourished in primary 1 and 2
— Ps Yayani, Davao

School Assistance Program

One of CRC churches International Philippines local church's selects one child from a poor family to offer and give the school assistance program.

The cost of a primary school child's fees is $70 per year, which includes the school fees, uniform and books.

Additional life skills' training is given to Mothers who meet with Coordinator's of the School assistance program once per month. There is a designated coordinator that will follow up the Child and Child's School to report on the progress.

This Program even though assists a child initially ultimately affects the whole family and as a result winning the whole family to Christ.


Praise God the SCHOOL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM is a big help to the poor family here especially to the students that they don’t to worry there school obligations. Randy and I always communicate the teacher in charge in primary 1. So if the students need something for school we visit the school and talk to the teacher personally and we also visit the students home regularly. One student transfer to other place with his father so during last visit of Pr Allan here in our place we informed him about it and we found one replacement...Thanks allot for helping our ministry here. Our God is good all the time because He touched your life to be a blessing to us here. Thank you so much.
— Yayanas & Randy Palanas