Role of Senior Leadership


A group of senior ministers who are known for their apostolic wisdom and authority, and who have at heart the best interests of South Eastern Christian Centre Inc. and its Senior Minister. They have no governing authority but may be called to help in times of crisis or change of Senior Minister.


The elders (staff and non-staff) have the ultimate authority and responsibility in the local church under the leadership of Jesus Christ. They have three major areas of responsibility - Shepherding, Spiritual Governance and Business Affairs.


The pastoral team is composed of persons with appropriate ministry and/or counselling skills who are responsible for the spiritual growth and care of people at SECC. The staff ministry team oversee various main groups in the church, and those gifted in specific areas of ministry to serve and resource the various groups of people. and the overall program, administration and weekend services. They are to assist the Senior Minister in his role of spiritual leadership and direction of the church.


The Finance Team is to assist the Eldership in its role of financial and business management of the church.


The Deacons are responsible for the smooth running of all the practical areas in the church in preparation for Sunday Services


Advisory Council

  • Pastor Mike Cronin
  • Pastor Neil Milne
  • Pastor Dan Parker
  • Pastor Bill Vasilakis


  • Pastor Rob Nyhuis
  • Rhonda Andrews
  • Peter Ashdown
  • Pastor Kevin Clark
  • Peter McKindley
  • Paul Tero
  • Lee van Breugel