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SECC Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement
(how we see ourselves)
  • "God-dependant people impacting communities and reaching nations for Christ."
Mission Statement
(what we do)
  • Our mission is to "Create dynamic disciples of Christ" - who fulfil the Great Commandment and the Great Commission that Jesus gave to the church.
  • Hence we will fervently love and obey God, love and serve one another, and reach out seeking to win people to Christ.
  • We will network people into a large multicultural and multigenerational local church where they can develop as enthusiastic disciples of Christ, equipped also to minister.
  • As a church we will reach out both locally and globally in evangelism, community need, leadership development and church planting.
Core Values
(which shape us at all times)

  • We believe the Bible is God's truth spoken to all people. Its teaching and application to every area of life is essential.
  • Recognising we are unable to follow and serve God in our natural strength, we need a helper, the Holy Spirit. We teach and encourage all to be baptised in the Holy Spirit daily filled with Him, operate in His gifts, and demonstrate His power.
  • Prayer is a vital part of expressing our dependence on God. Consequently passionate and persistent praying will be taught and modeled.
  • As Jesus did only what He saw His Father doing, so we seek to understand and join God, our Father, in what He is doing today.
  • As passionate people we will encourage Holy Spirit led worship, connecting with God in spirit and in truth.
  • We will live a faith filled, dynamic, consistent, victorious life because we are children of the King of Kings.
  • We will pursue a God-honouring lifestyle, living in obedience, forgiveness, reconciliation, purity and holiness.
  • We believe God intends every believer to be committed to a local church that functions as the family of God. We are committed to people developing meaningful relationships and joining in partnership with our church.
  • We value being multicultural and multigenerational, and are committed to being a church composed of people who both ethnically and socially reflect our local community.
  • We value, love, honour and respect people and commit to expressing acceptance and forgiveness as the basis for healthy, caring relationships.
  • We will speak truth in encouraging people to respond in obedience to God in the process of spiritual transformation.
  • We will seek to provide avenues for healing and restoration from areas of brokenness as people journey to becoming whole.
  • We value marriages and families and will encourage people to build strong marriages and families which will give hope to people in our fractured society.
  • We believe that the only way to God is through Jesus Christ (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). As people enthusiastic about our faith, we will seek to share this in appropriate ways, helping others in the process of surrendering their lives to Christ. We are committed to reaching unchurched people.
  • We understand it is the responsibility of every believer to share the Gospel and we will encourage people to do this personally and corporately.
  • In sharing the Gospel we seek to be need-orientated, relevant and authentic, helping people in a process toward faith in Christ.
  • In sharing the Gospel we expect God to confirm His message with signs, wonders and miracles, exhibiting the healing power of Jesus for the whole person.
  • We believe every person in the church has something valuable to contribute to others.
  • Maturing disciples of Christ develop godly character of sacrifice, giving, commitment, stability and humility, and utilise their resources (time, money, gifts and abilities) toward outworking the vision of the local church.
  • We believe the primary role of the ministry gifts is to equip (by example and training) all the people to do the work of ministry. Thus we will help people identify, develop and release their specialised gifts and abilities so that they may express them in the local church and beyond.
  • We encourage people to take up the opportunities available in training courses and personal coaching/mentoring to develop further, and to accept appropriate areas of ministry responsibility.
  • Our primary purpose is to reach the most people for God. We will actively co-operate with other churches in the City of Casey for evangelism, social transformation and corresponding growth in our churches.
  • As an apostolic centre we will contribute to our church family, CRC Churches International, by developing ministries and church planting in Melbourne and throughout Australia.
  • In order to fulfil the call of Acts 1:8 we will contribute to world missions by praying, financing and sending gifted ministries to develop national leaders for church development and church planting. Short-term teams will also regularly work alongside national local churches and serve them.
  • We express the love of God by practical care for the poor both locally and beyond.